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The Polar Bear is an extraordinary and beautiful animal which invokes feelings of both reverence and sympathy amongst all of mankind. It is the world's biggest land carnivore and has claimed the title of the largest bear on earth! With their population in rapid decline and remaining numbers estimated at around 25,000, the Polar Bear is under great threat of future extinction.

While their strength, power and aggression is hugely revered amongst millions of people across the globe, the image of the Polar Bear is also ironically soft, gentle, warm and sublime at the same time.

polar bear tyre

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Finding the right animal hat with paws to suit your personality and sense of style can be quite tricky. There are literally hundreds available, produced in a variety of materials and in many styles to suit young and old.

Wearing one of these fabulous winter warmers will not only set you apart from the crowd, but also make you feel more fun and vibrant.

An animal hat with paws is a unique head-turner and can be seen worn at festivals and concerts, at outdoor sporting events, and even just around the local mall. These hats have not only endeared themselves to thousands of children but even many teenagers and adults have been spotted getting involved.

animal hat with paws1

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The leopard is the smallest of the big cats, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in strength and grit. This beautiful creature prefers to keep to itself and generally remain hidden from view, making sightings of the leopard quite rare indeed. Unfortunately this animal has also been put on the 'near threatened' species list because of their dwindling numbers and territories around the world. The leopard may not be the biggest cat in the jungle, but it can run up to speeds of 60km/h (40mph) and has a unique and unmatched ability to climb trees while carrying heavy prey.

In stark comparison, this beautiful animal is seen to be serene, sultry and shy, and only ventures away from its den when the time calls for it. While not many people have been lucky to see one in the wild, this doesn't mean the strong and powerful side of this amazing creature is absent.

leopard in tree

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The Husky is a tough breed of dog which is adept at pulling sleds across vast distances in extreme conditions. Renowned as one of the fastest dogs on earth, the husky was traditionally used to herd reindeer and became more popular when they were instrumental in transporting much needed medicines to people in Alaska during the diphtheria epidemic in the 1920's.

The Husky represents many things including strength and power, but more than anything it is known for its thick, double coat which is key for its survival in the extreme conditions of northern territories. If we think of a husky, the first impression we usually get is of warmth as well as playfulness. This energetic animal has become a very common pet for many people because of their easy nature around us humans.

husky dog

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The cat is an incredible animal which many millions of people have come to love as both a companion as well as hunter at home. This may not be the most favorable quality when your feline friend is bringing all kinds of lifeless creatures into the lounge, but nevertheless quite helpful when it is a pest of some sort.

The cat has a strong and flexible body with reflexes like lightning, while maintaining the unique ability to be able to see extremely well in the dark and also the ability to hear sounds which we cannot.


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The bear is renowned for its size, strength and power as much as it is for being adored as a cute and cuddly companion at bedtime for millions of us around the world.

Many people are unaware that this majestic animal is classified as a doglike carnivoran, and even more surprising that their closest living relative is actually the pinniped, which is a fin-footed mammal such as a seal!

Unfortunately because of centuries of poaching for their meat and fur, six bear species have been classified as endangered and as humans venture further into their territories, populations are likely to decline even further. Irrespective of this natural disadvantage, the bear conjures an interesting image of awkwardness, yet extreme resilience in the face of danger.

Perhaps a good reason to show your support for this beautiful animal with a bear hat with paws.

  bear and cub

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The wolf is largest member of the dog family and it is an extremely social animal. Wolves are fast, strong and very efficient hunters, as depicted in many an Attenborough documentary. With the explosion of the Twilight series onto our screens, the wolf has come to represent an even greater mystical anomaly for many of us and certainly revered to boot.

The wolf has always been feared for its image of brutality but also respected as a symbol of the untamed wilderness. The truth is that the wolf is neither good nor evil, and every single representation of the wolf's image has been created by man's fear of this amazing creature. The wolf is simply a predator, and the more fear us humans have for them, the less we allow ourselves the correct understanding of this animal.


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The panda bear has always had a special place in our hearts. Representing an image of warmth and love, the panda has really endeared itself to many millions of people across the globe. It is a truly gentle creature, choosing to remain hidden from sight and feeding mostly bamboo shoots. This lovely animal is regrettably now on the endangered species list, which has really made the grooves it has carved out in our hearts even deeper than before.

For this reason, many people out there are choosing to show their affection and appreciation for these beautiful animals, by wearing fashionable clothing like a panda hat with paws, which projects the panda's unique image. 
  panda snow

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