Finding the right animal hat with paws to suit your personality and sense of style can be quite tricky. There are literally hundreds available, produced in a variety of materials and in many styles to suit young and old.

Wearing one of these fabulous winter warmers will not only set you apart from the crowd, but also make you feel more fun and vibrant.

An animal hat with paws is a unique head-turner and can be seen worn at festivals and concerts, at outdoor sporting events, and even just around the local mall. These hats have not only endeared themselves to thousands of children but even many teenagers and adults have been spotted getting involved.

animal hat with paws1

animal hat with paws2


Life is so much more enjoyable when it is filled with joy, laughter and fun, and what better way to project YOUR sense of fun and adventure by wearing an unique animal hat with paws.

Each animal hat with paws is designed to keep the head, ears and neck very warm, and there is a scarf attached which extends into a pair of gloves in the shape of paws. You can either wear it just as a hat, just as a scarf or a combination.

The most popular hat with paws available at the moment is the exclusive Spirithood, which is the ultimate in luxury head wear. Spirithoods are manufactured from the highest quality materials and no two hoods are the same, so you can feel a uniqueness in your identity wherever you wear it.

There are naturally many replicas on the market which are obviously a little easier on the pocket, but when you see what level of quality the Spirithood brings to the table, your investment will be a very happy one!

Having already covered the leopard, polar bear, cat, husky, wolf, bear and panda hat with paws in our other posts, this is the place to find many other types of Spirithoods and an animal hat with paws to match your personality. Whether it is for yourself or as a gift, you or the receiver are bound to fall in love with this awesome fashion craze instantly. Items are arranged neatly in categories to make finding your perfect hat a doddle.

Animals you can find covered on this page include monkey, owl, giraffe, cow, tiger, bunny, penguin, skunk, unicorn, yeti, sasquatch, moose, raccoon, koala and lamb. Have fun! smiley


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