The bear is renowned for its size, strength and power as much as it is for being adored as a cute and cuddly companion at bedtime for millions of us around the world.

Many people are unaware that this majestic animal is classified as a doglike carnivoran, and even more surprising that their closest living relative is actually the pinniped, which is a fin-footed mammal such as a seal!

Unfortunately because of centuries of poaching for their meat and fur, six bear species have been classified as endangered and as humans venture further into their territories, populations are likely to decline even further. Irrespective of this natural disadvantage, the bear conjures an interesting image of awkwardness, yet extreme resilience in the face of danger.

Perhaps a good reason to show your support for this beautiful animal with a bear hat with paws.

  bear and cub

bear hat with paws


The bear hat with paws represents ultimate protection from the elements while helping the wearer to feel an energy of strength and power. Designed to be furry and fluffy, these magical hats transport you into the comfort and assurance of the bear hug itself, and offer unmatched shelter and warmth.

Thousands of people around the world have fallen head over heels for the bear hat with paws, with this hat giving them the ability to project a strong image while maintaining their fun and playful side. These hats are very popular with festival-goers especially when the chill of cooler evenings can result in an uncomfortable experience. The bear spirit hood in particular, has carved an exciting path into the fashion landscape, offering quality unmatched by rival products. Each spirit hood is unique and locally produced in the USA, and from only the highest quality materials available. You are likely to pay a bit more for the spirit hood, but with sterling reports from thousands of people, you will be extremely satisfied.

Look no further for a great selection of bear hats with paws, which we have scoured the web to find for you. We are confident you will fall in love with whichever hat you choose for your sought-after gift or addition to your wardrobe.


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bear hats with paws