The Husky is a tough breed of dog which is adept at pulling sleds across vast distances in extreme conditions. Renowned as one of the fastest dogs on earth, the husky was traditionally used to herd reindeer and became more popular when they were instrumental in transporting much needed medicines to people in Alaska during the diphtheria epidemic in the 1920's.

The Husky represents many things including strength and power, but more than anything it is known for its thick, double coat which is key for its survival in the extreme conditions of northern territories. If we think of a husky, the first impression we usually get is of warmth as well as playfulness. This energetic animal has become a very common pet for many people because of their easy nature around us humans.

husky dog

husky hat with paws

In a similar light, the husky hat with paws is the first choice for people who see these qualities within their own characters. This awesome hat is fluffy, warm and soft, making it perfect for any cold environment and especially the more frigid conditions. The husky hat with paws is designed to be multi-functional and can be interchanged between hat, scarf or gloves, or a combination of these three. You will feel the close comfort of luxury every time you don your beautiful new hat.

A husky hat with paws is generally quite hard-wearing and can be a great component of your gear on the slopes or getting involved in many other outdoor activities. They can usually be chucked in the washing machine when they need to be cleaned. 

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There are naturally many other products which will do a job so don't be concerned if your budget is a little more modest. Don't forget that a husky hat with paws makes for a fantastic gift for someone special as well as a cheeky little accessory for your fancy dress getup.

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