The leopard is the smallest of the big cats, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in strength and grit. This beautiful creature prefers to keep to itself and generally remain hidden from view, making sightings of the leopard quite rare indeed. Unfortunately this animal has also been put on the 'near threatened' species list because of their dwindling numbers and territories around the world. The leopard may not be the biggest cat in the jungle, but it can run up to speeds of 60km/h (40mph) and has a unique and unmatched ability to climb trees while carrying heavy prey.

In stark comparison, this beautiful animal is seen to be serene, sultry and shy, and only ventures away from its den when the time calls for it. While not many people have been lucky to see one in the wild, this doesn't mean the strong and powerful side of this amazing creature is absent.

leopard in tree


leopard hat with paws

It is with this sense of wonder that many people have fallen in love with the leopard hat with paws. Being able to project this beauty while maintaining a sparky energy is an addictive thing to behold. These fantastic hats are built with warmth and comfort in mind – they are designed in the shape of a majestic leopard's head with a natural scarf attached, extending to gloves in the shape of leopard paws. Winter warmth for your head, ears, neck and hands.

With the rise of the Spirit Hood, thousands of people have chosen to protect themselves from the elements in the most stylish way, while making no sacrifice in quality. The leopard and snow leopard spirit hood is probably one of the most luxurious accessories you might ever have owned. Obviously no animals are harmed in the production of the spirit hood and all are produced in the USA and only the USA.

Expect to pay a premium for this incredible product, but with no two hoods the same and manufactured from the highest quality materials, you will not be disappointed.

The leopard hat with paws is suitable for a variety of occasions and events, and more often than not they are purchased as lovely gifts for young and old. If the snow leopard or leopard hat with paws is what your spirit desires, feel free to choose your favorite from the well-researched selection below and grab yours today. 



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