The panda bear has always had a special place in our hearts. Representing an image of warmth and love, the panda has really endeared itself to many millions of people across the globe. It is a truly gentle creature, choosing to remain hidden from sight and feeding mostly bamboo shoots. This lovely animal is regrettably now on the endangered species list, which has really made the grooves it has carved out in our hearts even deeper than before.

For this reason, many people out there are choosing to show their affection and appreciation for these beautiful animals, by wearing fashionable clothing like a panda hat with paws, which projects the panda's unique image. 
  panda snow

panda hat with paws


We think this is an absolutely brilliant idea, because the more exposure this beautiful creature gets, hopefully the more seriously the plight of their continuation is taken.
The panda hat with paws is designed to reflect the lovely image we all have of panda bears, described as cute, soft, snuggly, cuddly and warm. These hats are the latest winter must-have for kids, teens and adults alike and offer maximum protection from the bitter elements. 
The panda spirit hood in particular, has become the ultimate in luxury winter items and is most certainly the first choice for those who are after a panda hat with paws. Produced only in the USA, these spirit hoods are designed with maximum comfort and luxury in mind and no two hoods are the same. Expect to pay a little more for the spirit hood, but you will soon see why.


The panda with paws is available in a huge variety of styles and fabrics, which makes finding the right one for you or as a gift a bit of a challenge. For this reason we have helped out by bringing you a great selection of hats below to make your life easier. We are happy to be of service and also quite positive that you will find an item that will give you many years of joy and warmth. 

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