The Polar Bear is an extraordinary and beautiful animal which invokes feelings of both reverence and sympathy amongst all of mankind. It is the world's biggest land carnivore and has claimed the title of the largest bear on earth! With their population in rapid decline and remaining numbers estimated at around 25,000, the Polar Bear is under great threat of future extinction.

While their strength, power and aggression is hugely revered amongst millions of people across the globe, the image of the Polar Bear is also ironically soft, gentle, warm and sublime at the same time.

polar bear tyre

polar bear hat with paws

From this unique contrast, the Polar Bear Hat with Paws draws its appeal and has endeared itself to many thousands of children, teens and adults who love being a bit different.

Designed to be ultra warm and comfortable, the Polar Bear Hat with Paws is an excellent winter warmer and certainly projects that fun yet powerful image to the world around you. They are designed in a number of lovely styles and produced from various materials to suit any fashion sense. The main idea is to have fun with it, so these hats suit any situation you can think of.

Imagine hurtling past your mates down the slopes in a snuggly Polar Bear Hat with Paws, while they all look on in admiration wearing ineffective beanies! These unique hats also make for terrific gifts for the kids and teens, which is sure to invoke numerous comments and joy from everyone around them. Many people have been spotted protecting themselves from the elements at festivals and other outdoor events, and wearing one of these is quite an interesting way to make new friends. As another great idea why not grab a Polar Bear Hat with Paws to use as a part of your fancy dress at the next party!

Whichever style you might fancy, we know you will love our selection below which suits every sense of style as well as every sized pocket.



Genuine Spirit Hood

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