The wolf is largest member of the dog family and it is an extremely social animal. Wolves are fast, strong and very efficient hunters, as depicted in many an Attenborough documentary. With the explosion of the Twilight series onto our screens, the wolf has come to represent an even greater mystical anomaly for many of us and certainly revered to boot.

The wolf has always been feared for its image of brutality but also respected as a symbol of the untamed wilderness. The truth is that the wolf is neither good nor evil, and every single representation of the wolf's image has been created by man's fear of this amazing creature. The wolf is simply a predator, and the more fear us humans have for them, the less we allow ourselves the correct understanding of this animal.


wolf hat with paws


In a similar light, those many thousands of people who have snapped up a wolf hat with paws most certainly think they have a 'dark horse' aura which needs to be expressed to the world.

With a representation of beauty, strength and speed all wrapped up into one picture-perfect accessory, the wolf hat with paws definitely attracts some serious attention from everyone in the vicinity.

The wolf spirit hood in particular, has lit up the fashion scene in the past few years, and should be the first choice for those adventurous people sniffing out a wolf hat with paws. The spirit hood is unique in that no two hats are the same, and only the highest quality materials are used in their manufacture.

You will fork out a premium for one of these fantastic hoods, but the the comfort of luxury and joy of powerful energy will be etched all over your face when wearing it.

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